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«Tortuga» is the best place for extending your miniatures collection of Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Infinity, and other wargames. Here also is a place where art studios are offering painting services for collectible miniatures. You can choose from multiple tiers depending on the amount of elaboration needed:


- standard — no-frills painting for competitive play, the price is listed in the group’s catalogues;

- high — artistic, the work done by the best painters of a studio; the cost is twice the price specified in the catalogue;

- extra — the best a studio can offer, custom work according to your preferences; the cost is determined after discussing your requirements with the painter.


If you can’t find a miniature or army in our catalogues you can always contact us to find out the price.

We also offer assembly and repair services for miniatures, contact us for the price list.

On top of that we can help with finding accessories for the painting and customising bases, magnets, bags for your armies, bits, the cheapest miniatures from the official vendors, and other nifty things.

Here you can learn about the biggest tabletop wargame events in Ukraine.

Finally, here you can follow the latest updates of our own project “Fall in War” — the wargame of our dreams.

If you have questions or need clarifications simply write to us via your favorite channel of communication.




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Tzaangor Shaman
Tzaangor Enlightened

Tzaangor Enlightened

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